VoIP Phones

SuperCru provides business-class hosted phone service that is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage. We can help you move to the cloud and away from expensive, limited, hard-to-upgrade PBX. We work with your connection: DSL, Cable, T-1 or Ethernet. We use any of the top SIP and VoIP phones. Don’t have a favorite? We’ll help you choose. Your business gets high-quality, reliable phone service with all the features you expect, at a lower price and with unlimited scalability. SuperCru is a CityHosted authorized reseller which allows us to find the absolute best price for you!

Standard Features

  • Voicemail: Never miss a call with integrated voicemail.
  • Multiple Line Appearances:Receive multiple calls on the same line allowing for overflow handling.
  • Free Long Distance: Free long distance on all calls between phones. Plus get 500 minutes per seat for all other long distance calls outside of the company.
  • Music on Hold: No more dead air, just sweet elevator music while your customer is on hold.
  • Call Transfer: Transfer some or all of your calls to a phone inside of the office or any other numer you choose.
  • 3 Way Calling: Allows you to conference with two other people.
  • Hunting: Setup a hunt group within the company.
  • Call Forwarding: Have your calls forwarded to another number. Great for answering services.
  • Call Find Me/Follow Me: Allows your callers to find you at the office, mobile, home, or anywhere you designate.
  • Speed Dial: Easily program speed dial buttons for quick connections to commonly called numbers.
  • Dial by Extension: Extension dialing to your co-workers whether they are across the hall or across the country.
  • Call Park: Put a call on hold at one extension and pick it up at another extension.
  • Monitored Extensions: Ability to see if another person is in use within your business group.
  • Caller ID: Name and number for Inbound and Outbound.
  • Web Portal Access: Control your features and program buttons on your phone through an easy-to-use portal.
  • Simultaneous Ring: When a call comes in, you can have it ring multiple places at the same time.
  • Call Rejection: Block specific phone numbers.
  • Auto Attendant (Basic): Single-tree auto attendant.
  • Call Queue: Send callers to a queue so that they can be answered by the next available representative.
  • Unified Messaging: Automatically have your voicemail send to your email address.
  • Do Not Disturb: Send your calls immediately to voicemail or sent to another extension.

Premium Features

  • ACD Lite: Basic all reports detailing what is happening with callers within the call queue.
  • Auto Attendant (Premium): Allows for multiple trees and sub trees within your Auto Attendant.
  • iFax (Inbound Only): Receive inbound faxes directly to your email as a .pdf file.
  • Incoming Call Manager: Additional call handling function includes Time of Day routing of call.
  • Toll Free Numbers: Point your toll free numbers at any of your extensions or Auto Attendant.
  • Virtual Numbers: Setup phone numbers in other market areas that will ring into your phone.
  • Music on Hold (Custom): Allows you to upload your own custom .mp3 files and integrate your messages with the on-hold music
  • DID's: Additional DID numbers for your company. Normally sold in blocks for future employees or marketing programs.

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