Post Purchase Support

In the technology field everyone wants the newest gadgets and devices. Much of the time our clients don’t know where to start. SuperCru is here to help you get the most out of your technology. Our expanding team is rich with knowledge in everyday devices we use. If it is in the digital world, there is a great chance we can show you how to get the most out of it. It’s your technology and we are here to make it better.

Website and App Development

We build mobile apps and websites that go to work for your business. Its a smart and affordable way to find new clients, work more efficiently, and give employees a better work experience!

VoIP Phones

SuperCru provides business-class hosted phone service. We work with your connection: DSL, Cable, T-1 or Ethernet. We use any of the top SIP and VoIP phones. Don’t have a favorite? We’ll help you choose. Your business gets high-quality, reliable phone service with all the features you expect, at a lower price.

Mobile Device Management

Google Apps for Work

Move your documents and files to the cloud using one of the most secure and powerful servers in the world - Google Apps for Work. SuperCru can get you set up, migrated, and educated on how to get the most of the Google Apps for Work suite. Our wholesale cost ensures we get you the best price possible. We consistently come in under the cost of competitors and you will enjoy the 5 star support of our team.

Network Infrastructure Design

Designing your network takes creativity, and a well thought out plan. SuperCru can integrate dial tone coordination, system moves, voice and data cabling, wired low voltage cabling, wireless data, and so much more. We can give your business a technical facelift to help you communicate and compute faster than ever. Our implementation is clean, effective, and simplistically future forward.

POS Lavu

The best POS system for all business types! Harness the easy to use IOS platform to run your business point of sale system.


MacPractice is the go-to practice management software on the Mac platform. SuperCru can help you understand and get the most out of MacPractice. We can recommend and support hardware solutions that will best integrate with the MacPractice versions.


Use Daylight with your Mac based office to manage all facets of the CRM workflow. Its a clean and organized platform that mimics the easy to use Mac OS X platform we have grown to trust.