Post Purchase Support

Mac Support

Macs are quickly working into the infrastructure of the business world. There was a day when Windows tech support served the needs of almost all companies. Now networks are more complex and technicians must know a large variety of operating systems.

SuperCru is Mac OS X certified and it happens to be our native systems. Because many of our employees have worked for Apple in the past we are proud to say we can solve virtually any problem that comes up.

Let SuperCru set up your wired or wireless network and get your home or business communicating as fast as the hardware was meant to. Network and Monitoring Management is a way to protect and ensure consistency in your network. Be proactive in the way you protect your digital assets and use SuperCru to help you monitor your activity.

Mac hardware support is something we love to do! Many times Applecare runs out and they can only replace faulty components with same part numbers. SuperCru can upgrade your Mac to give it more speed, and more space. -We can usually do it for less money too! Hard drive upgrades and data recovery. We can't guarantee that we can save your data, but we will do everything we can to help you get it back when your hard drive fails. Backups are the only sure way to save data when hard drives fail, but SuperCru has saved many sad customers from data loss.

Backup solutions are the defense to data loss and not having one in place is like walking on thin ice. SuperCru is brand independent so we can always give you a non-bias recommendation on the right way to backup your data.

Server Support

POSLavu is Point of Sale software that takes full advantage of Apple's iPad and iPhone technologies. With detailed reports, kitchen display, mobile ordering and wireless printing all working in sync, POSLavu is much more than an App; it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of small restaurants and national chains alike. Using iOS POSLavu is really easy to use allowing you to meet your customer and throw away your paper order books. Utilising its intuitive interface POSLavu on the iPad and iPhone will be the easiest system you will ever use. It takes minutes to train any employee on how to use POSLavu. POSLavu is a Full-featured iPad and iPhone Point of Sale system for thousands of dollars less than comparable systems. The current functionality and feature set allows the software to be both powerful and versatile, a solution for Coffee Shop POS, Bar POS, Restaurant POS at an affordable price.

MacPractice is the premier practice management and clinical software solutions for doctors who prefer to use Macs. Many practices are already using MacPractice and SuperCru will ensure all hardware and software are working together for a seamless workflow. SuperCru also has vast experiences with building servers meant for handling the workload of MacPractice. We are here to help you get the most out of your technology.

Daylite keeps everything related to your business in one place, so you and your team can share information wherever they are by Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Your contacts, schedule, tasks, projects, sales opportunities, emails, and notes are all there, making it easy to find what you are looking for in seconds. Let SuperCru set up Daylight and help you get everything in one application. Its a way to organize the hard work you do into something that looks good and works efficiently.